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Land Registry Deposition 

Dear Sir/Madam,

Following my previous correspondence I wish to make a formal deposition with the Westminster Land Registry concerning the status of unregistered land known as Lord's Cricket Ground NW8 8QN.


This land was purchased on 22 August 1866 via a Mortgage Deed executed by one of the 5 MCC Trustees (Mr. William Nicholson) and placed in Trust for the Club. 

It is very clear from Keeton and Sheridan's "Law of Trusts" 1983 (Chapter VII) that the MCC Committee Order made on 26 March 1866 (Ref Committee Minute P 491) created an Express Trust (as opposed to a Simple Trust) that was completely constituted on 22 August 1866 with the land  being vested in the ownership of the MCC Trustees. The nature of the Trust was executorial in relation to the Trustee duties that related to the use of Lord’s being enjoyed “by Members and their successors” for the principal activity of playing Cricket. All matters relating to the use and maintenance of Lord’s Cricket Ground remained unchanged until 1937 when a Special General Meeting authorised the Trustees to appoint a a Custodian Trustee Glyn Mills and Co.whilst retaining their powers of management (Ref Public Trustee Act 1906)


If at any future date the MCC wish to apply to the Land Registry for formal Registration of Title it is important that the Public Trustee Act 1906 4) sub sections (2) and (3) are cited and the Trustee Deeds dated 30/31 August 1937 referenced.  

The Royal Charter on 1 July 2013 Article 14 records MCC Members having proprietary rights in “any property whatsoever”. This cannot include the property known as Lord’s Cricket Ground being held in Trust for the Club with the property being vested in the ownership of the MCC Trustees.


Please acknowledge receipt of this formal notice.

Thank you,


Nigel Knott (Dr)


Elected MCC Playing Member 1966

Appointed by MCC Committee to 6 MCC WP's


Following this notice (known as a caution) being sent to the Land  Registry Lord's Cricket Ground has  been Registered with an unconditional Proprietorship entry dated 21.12.2020 on the Title Deed No BB6624

Title Absolute

1. (21.12.2020) PROPRIETOR  MARYLEBONE CRICKET CLUB (Co. Regn. No. RC 000862) of Lord's Cricket Ground  St johnn's Wood Road  London NW8 8QZ.

2. (21.12.2020) The value as at 21 December 2020 was stated to be over £1,000,000



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