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Any commercial organisation with a £50 million turnover, having a main Committee of 21 Members responsible for the entire management of everyday affairs within its domain, advised by 11 sub-committees populated by 142 unelected quasi-executives, a Secretariat of 7 highly remunerated Principal Secretaries, altogether resembling a disorganised group of apothecaries incapable of staging a Webinar in a Chemist's shop, will never in anoter 233 years be able to operate openly and successfully.

Welcome to the MCC at Lord's that has become the Home of Chumocratic Government whose chosen few approaching 170 souls, live within a bubble of Byzantine privilege enjoying government of the few, by the few, for the few. It is therefore unsurprising that the MCC, a remnant of aristocratic sporing history, is in a shambolic state of decay whose sole purpose today is to finance the World's principal Theatre for the staging of Test Match Cricket and more recently the vulgar variations of Sloggit, where Members can enjoy an expensive viewing. Until this year of course when everything has been turned into dust and ashes by Covid-19!

This is the stuff of a real life Animal Farm with Napoleon in charge.

Has the time come for the Herculean task of clearing out the Augean Stables at NW8 8QN? I hope so.

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