Derbyork Trustee Company Ltd (No 2774287) was incorporated on 22 June 1993. The Company Secretary CA Barker and 3 Directors MP Murray, DRW Silk and AC Smith were appointed.The purpose of this Company was to hold in trust 585,000 £1 Shares (PP @ 95p each) in Reigndei Ltd (Guernsey) (RD) purchased by the 18 First Class Counties, MCC and NCCA. RD is an offshore captive insurance company managed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) at Lord’s NW8 8QZ. RD insurance payments and claims received are recorded in the signed and audited Annual Accounts published by the ECB and previously by the Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB).

The Annual Return of  Derbyork dated 17 December 2013 records the Company Secretary as being Brian Havill (FD ECB) and two Directors Brian Havill and Ian Lovett (Director ECB). The 3 original Shareholders are also recorded as holding one Share each.

Brian Havill’s Termination of Appointment as Company Secretary (Form TMO 2) and Director (Form TMO 1) were dated 18 November 2015 and received for filing at Companies House on 21 December 2015

The Derbyork Annual Return return dated 21 December 2015 recorded two Directors Ian Lovett (ECB) and Tom Harrison (CEO ECB). On 17 December 2016 Tom Harrison is registered at Companies House as being the only Person with Significant Control (PSC) although the original 3 Shareholders still owned the Company

On 25 September 2017 FORM DSO 1 was signed by Harrison and Lovett making an Application to strike Derbyork Trustees off the Companies House Register. Leon Farr of Online Law Solicitors who also acted as Solicitors for the ECB submitted the Application.

Derbyork Trustee Company Ltd  therefore was dissolved without notice on 2 January 2018.

No Accounts or records of AGM being held have ever been recorded.

REIGNDEI Ltd (Guernsey)

The Company (26731) was Registered on 16 April 1993 as a captive insurance company with a nominal share capital of 585,000 ordinary £1 shares. The called-up capital amounts to £555,750 (95p partly paid shares).The Company was re-registered on 1 July 2008 to reflect new Companies Law. 3 Directors are registered  RJ Gale, BW Havill (FD ECB) and DC Allen. RJ Gale was replaced as a Director on 1 May 2009 by RJ Fletcher and BW Havill was replaced as a Director by SA Smith (FD ECB) 15 November 2016.

The Reigndei Shareholders are shown in the Guernsey Company Register as Derbyork Trustees Ltd  594,998 Shares, Bain Hogg Insurance 1 Share and Aon Services 1 Share.

A reconciliation of the ECB Annual Returns shows Reigndei Ltd to have a credit balance in excess of £15 million with an exceptional claim of £5.5 million being recorded in 2008.

From the scarce information available Reigndei was set up for the benefit of the 18 First Class Counties , the MCC and NCCA to insure against lost Ticket Income as a result of loss of play through bad weather (Pluvial Insurance). In recent years the insurance cover has included the early finish of a Test Match.


  1. Where are the Derbyork Trustee (DBYT) records signed by the 3 Shareholders authorising the appointment of T Harrison as the Person with Significant Control (PSC)?
  2.  Why was DSO I signed by T Harrison to strike off DBYT as a Company without Shareholder consent?
  3.  DBYT held 585.000 Reigndei (Guernsey) Ltd Shares in trust on behalf of the 20 Shareholders. Where have these Shares gone?
  4. Why do the Annual Audited A/c’s of Kent CC and Sussex CC record their ownership of 30,000 Reigndei Shares being of Nil value?
  5. Why has Notts CC recently written off their original investment in the 2022 Annual Accounts of £28,500?