This will not be an easy task that must begin with a complete restructuring of the Club and an end to the ECB domination of staging Big Matches at Lord’s threatening the removal of Test Match Cricket at Lord’s if the MCC fails to “toe the line”. The ECB has built a huge financial surplus largely as a result of the MCC’s “gifts” of cash over the years.

The present Byzantine MCC governing structure cannot continue in the 21st Century where transparency and accountability in all commercial activities are mandatory.

A restructured MCC should begin negotiations with the ECB to take control of the amateur game. The Club already runs what is probably the largest Schools Fixture List of any Cricket Club in the World and is better placed to represent and defend the best interests of amateur cricket than anyone else. Those of us who served on the MCC Lord Griffiths WP were very concerned the vast network of people involved in playing and supporting Club Cricket would be largely forgotten by the ECB and this prediction has proved correct. We need the spirit of Prometheus and the strength of Hercules to destroy the malignant worship of Mammon at Lord’s.