Say NO to everything on the AGM Agenda. Why?

Because this year’s arrangements are unlawful and in a word taken from the Club Rules”Repugnant”.

The MCC Committee intends to extend its powers of governance far beyond what is acceptable in any democracy. This virtual AGM is akin to a stealthy drone designed to operate under the radar to impose an even greater loss of Member rights and privileges at Lord’s. How come?

Easy – create an Agenda for a “virtual” AGM, organise a “virtual” Webinar as part of a falsified educational process and guarantee further confusion by introducing for the very first time two different methods of polling.The seeming truth which cunning times puts on to entrap the wisest!

Let me explain. There are two fundamental reasons for the Committee seeking to use the virtual AGM Agenda arrangements to confuse Members into voting in favour of catastrophic new Rules – see pages 9 and 12 AGM Explanatory Notes.

1) Resolution Item 8) – to repair the black hole in the A/c’s caused by sheer incompetence or even negligence in managing the Club finances:

a) The loss of + £4.5 million in the purchase of the property at 6 Grove End Road (6GER)

b) The huge deficit in the Pension Fund that may amount to +£6 million

c) The failure to have proper risk insurance cover in place to cater for “force majeure” or unforeseen catastrophic financial losses.

Cheque Book Membership is seen by the Committee as the only answer in preference to low cost Bank Loans for Club investment.

2) Resolution Item 9) (now expunged) – changes in governance to give greater powers to the privileged unelected few. This despite the Committee commissioning a full Report from their appointed Incorporation and Structure WP that was responsible for the MCC being granted a Royal Charter.

To withdraw only one of these two extraordinary Items from the AGM Agenda amounts to negligence and a failure to respect the practice of common law.